2018 Mission

Life – Past Present and Future

“Life, Past Present and Future” is a new publication by Malcolm Hedley, which is an evangelical tool produced as a booklet. The Hedleys used to live in Spain, where they were “Costa Blanca Mission” in Torrevieja and have relocated to England where they continue to serve the Lord in Evangelism.

We recommend this booklet and pray that all who read it will respond to the message and put their faith for their future into God’s hands acknowledging the saving Grace that flows from Jesus Christ, his sacrificial death and resurrection.

The new booklet is available as a PDF download here thanks to permission from Malcolm.
Click here to download: Life_past_present_future_booklet

If you have read this and found it helpful, you may wish to contact the author at hedleysonamission(at)gmail(dot)com to let them know.