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We pray for any issue which God places on our heart and publish a prayer diary on Thursdays and between if there is urgent need.

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Prayersharers started in April 2005 when we were given the vision to become a sharing point for prayer concerns in the country where we lived at that time – Spain.

We are now living in England and have widened our prayer field to the whole world.
We will also pray for any other matters according to current events and anything that the Lord lays upon our hearts.

We specifically set aside a time about 11:00 on Thursday mornings, (UK time), for prayer when we usually publish a weekly guide. Please join with us in prayer when you are able.

We also have pages with articles about salvation and how to become a follower of Jesus Christ.
Read the article (courtesy of Costa Blanca Mission) – “Life, what’s it all about” and our own feature “The deadliest lie ever told”.

Thank you for visiting and for praying with us and for us.

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